• Spring Outdoors Stamping Plate
Spring Outdoors Stamping Plate

Spring Outdoors Stamping Plate

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SO Gel Nails™ presents the SO Artsy line of Modern Stamping Plates for quick seamless nail art designs. These plates come in at 2 5/8" x 4.75" with up to 19 designs to chose from. 


Stamping Plate: Buterfly, flowers, leaves, foliage, and spring


Key to Making Stamping Work:

-Pick a good Nail Polish

-Use a clear stamper to make sure you can see where you place your design

-Clean your plate well after each use

-After you apply your polish lightly wipe off extra polish with scraper board

-Press firmly when applying to the nail

Hint: if stamper is not picking up the design, you can clean the stamper head with a lint roller to allow the stamp head to remain tacky to pick up the image easier

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