​5 Tips on Keeping Your Clients Coming Back For More

1st Jan 2020 Posted by SO Gel Nails clients,

​5 Tips on Keeping Your Clients Coming Back For More

You have a thriving nail business and you have a lot of good clients. But lately some of your clients are missing their appointments, taking longer breaks in between their nail appointments or they are deciding nails are not important to them with their new budget.

Has this been happening to you? These are just excuses to stop coming to see you. The key to keeping your business going is to build and Maintain your clientele. Did you read that? Maintain! Most of us keep thinking that we need to build our nail business but we forget to take care of those who are already in the chair.

We are sharing 5 tips on keeping your clients coming back for more. With these tips, you can manage and maintain those clients you love and keep a full calendar.

1- Atmosphere is the whole thing - The Atmosphere at your salon or your home can play a key role in keeping your client’s which are hard to come by. Make sure your nail area is clean and the clients are comfy. Clients will love visiting your nail salon or home if the overall atmosphere is relaxing and free from everything they are escaping. Keep your nail area at your especially free from your children and pets, so that your clients do not have to deal with your overspilling life.

2- Cleanliness is important - After atmosphere, cleanliness is the most important thing. So, you must pay attention to it. You must keep your nail station neat and clean because clients will not enjoy their visit if it’s dirty. If you have a home salon make sure you have a separate entrance so this is established as a business and not an afterthought. All of your nail tools must be clean and bacteria-free. Schedule yourself a daily cleaning for your nail station and for sanitizing tools.

3- Friendliness is about Listening - Be polite and friendly with your clients. Your clients want to visit to beautify their nails, to relax and to escape from the troubles in their life. You will become their therapist and they will share more with you, then you will ever want to hear. Don't join in on the negative comments, but help them to keep sharing to let these troubles go. This will have a huge impact on your clients and they will feel closer to you. The more they talk, the more they will enjoy themselves. Most people who talk during an entire conversation will leave feeling happy and loved. Be friendly and listen.

4- Deliver the best - Fulfill all the promises that you have made with your clients. Trust is a crucial thing when you own your own business. So, try to deliver all your promises without any compromise over quality so that your clients can trust you. Treat each of your clients with full attention to build a long-term relationship.

Always honor the discounts and special offers that you have promised to your customers. Sometimes, customers may visit you with an expired coupon and will ask if it can be used. Honoring an expired coupon will delight your clients and they will prefer choosing you over the competitors.

5 - Use up-to-date products - Make sure to keep your gels closed and away from sun light to prevent curing and keep your other products up-to-date. Nothing is more frustrating for a client when you are using product that do not perform because they are out of date, or "the bottom of the barrel". No one wants to go to the deli and buy that last piece of chicken that has been sitting there for hours. You will create more work for yourself when the client comes back due to a nail malfunction. That is not something you want and you can lose the clients trust very quickly.

Your job is to keep your clients coming back and happy. Stay organized, set return appointments, and offer discounts to keep those on the fence coming back. There are more nail techs out there for your clients to choose. What separates you from another nail tech? I hope it is not skill. It should come down to one thing...YOU. You are what separates you from other nail techs. To be honest, your clients come to talk, to get a way and to be with people they love and care about. So if this is not you, then you need to step up and start keeping those clients.

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