We often get questions about our business. Here are some of the questions we are asked by many of our clients.

Q.) Why are SO Gel Nails so different from other nail products?

A.) Superior adhesion, superior strength, no chemical concerns, and easy, fast application and maintenance. The SO Gel Nail System contains no acids or monomers, no glues and no harsh chemical vapors.

Q.) How much of an odor does your product have?

A.) Our product little to no odors, because there are no acrylic monomers in the gel to cause an irritating smell for you and your clients.

Q.) Do SO Gel Nails use glue on tips or are they sculptured?

A.) SO Gel Nail technicians chose to sculpt tips at any length you desire. However, if you choose they can apply SO Gel Nails product to plastic tips.

Q.) What shape can I have my nails?

A.) Any shape you desire, from the classic oval to the square tip.

Q.) If I bite my nails, can I still wear SO Gel Nails?

A.) Yes. Your SO Gel Nail technician will create a nail for you on your first visit. Then you will need a fill every 2-4 weeks. This way your natural nail is protected until it has a chance to grow. SO Gel Nails are hard to bite off.

Q.) Can I wear SO Gel Nails if I have damaged nails?

A.) Yes, although it depends on the damage. SO Gel Nail Supplies carries top of the line nail repairing products that, with proper use, should allow your nails to return to their normal healthy state. When applied properly SO Gel Nails can be used with confidence that the gel will protect your natural nail while it is healing and not cause further damage.

Q.) Can I paint SO Gel Nails with regular nail polish?

A.) Yes, you can polish them and when you remove the polish, your nails will still have the shiny, beautiful SO Gel finish. You will have the greatest amount of versatility you have ever had with your fingernails.

Q.) What activities am I limited to while wearing SO Gel Nails?

A.) None, there are little, if any, limitations because SO Gel Nails are more durable and stronger by far than any other product.

Q.) What is a good length?

A.) Our number 2 active length is the best to begin with. But remember SO Gel Nails are tailored to your lifestyle.

Q.) How long can I go between fills with SO Gels Nails?

A.) Usually 4-6 weeks. Again it all depends on your lifestyle, the length of your nail and the growth cycle of your real nail.

Q.) How long does it take to apply SO Gel Nails?

A.) It depends on the length and detail of design, usually 1-2 hours, depending on the experience of both the client and the nail tech.
Keep in mind, that you don’t have any upkeep between fills, so these nails are virtually maintenance free.

Q.) How long does it take for the color or nails to cure?

A.) The nails are cured by a 36 watt UV (2 minutes) or LED (90 sec low heat mode during building steps, 60 sec final cure) Lights. Cleanse tacky inhibition layer with our CLEANSE. 

*Use our cleanse to dehydrate and sanitize the nail plate after proper prep, when cleanse is completely dry, apply 2 coats of our Primer Plus BEFORE applying the SO SIMPLE Gel.


If you are a nail tech and would like to try out the SO Gel Nail system why not start with one of our SO Gel Nail Kits.


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