SO Gel Nails™ is a unique product that focuses on providing healthy options that have the best results. If you have been a nail tech for any amount of time you will know just how bad acrylic smells and how light headed and even sick it can make you feel.

SO Gel Nails is different; they are a more than a healthy option for your students and for your customers. If you are new to SO Gel Nails™ you can start with any of our beginner gel kits, you can learn a lot about just how easy it is to use our products by looking at our nail tech training section and watching the many training videos on our YouTube channel or check out our SDS pages on the bottom the website for product content.

Our newest product is our NO heat spike SO SIMPLE Gel available in a pot or squeeze bottles in two sizes. Once you are ready to switch your salon to using SO Gel Nails™ you can contact us to locate your closest educator to train you or your school in your local area.


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