How to Form SO SIMPLE Gels

Forming a Nail with the our SO SIMPLE product:

1-Clean nail with nail cleanse

2-Apply 2 coats of Protein Primer

3-Attach clear form

4-Brush on SO SIMPLE UV/LED Gel

5-Cure gel 1 minute (9w-36w) If nail is damaged you may feel slight warming

6-Remove form and wipe off tacky "Dispersion" layer if needed (You do not have to wipe every tacky layer unless you are applying a design tape)

7-File nail to create desired shape

8-Apply color pigment

9-Cure gel 1 minute (9w-36w) No Heat Spike

10-Add 2nd color pigment coat to get desired color

11-Cure gel 1 minute (9w-36w) No Heat Spike

12-Apply design tapes, glitters, etc. to get final desired look

13-Final cure top coat for 2 minutes (9W-36W) Wipe off final tacky layer



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