• Chevron - Neon Yellow
Chevron - Neon Yellow

Chevron - Neon Yellow

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Chevron Design Tape – Neon Yellow (#C0024) is a unique striping tape designed for nails. You’re the artist so you get to decide how to use this do-it-yourself nail art! 2.5X3.5-inch sheet includes 16 pieces of 1/8-inch tape and 28 pieces of 1/16-inch tape.

DIRECTIONS: Apply design tape on bare nails prepared with a base coat or apply it over dried nail polish. Beautiful! Secure each piece with a layer of our Clear Top Coat or Clear Matt Top Coat. Create intricate designs in minutes. Use Design Tapes as stencils too. Simply lay the tape down where you want the design to appear. Paint a thin coat of polish over the Design Tape. Allow it to dry. Paint another thin coat of Finger Candy Nail Art Polish over the design tape, let it dry then slowly lift the tape away from the nail.

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