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We Present to you the TRIBE NAILTECH PODCAST


This podcast is a place for Nail Techs to come and to have the tribe of other Nail Techs so that we can learn together, grow together, be inspired, motivated and take Nail Tech's through to the next level. 

About Becky:

Becky has been doing nails for 29 years. She lives in Southern Utah and started doing nails before Utah even had licensing. She took her first class acrylic class on all day acrylic class, and then was able to go out and start doing nails. A lot of years working in different salons, taking many classes which were hard to find. And then Utah decided they were going to pass licensing, she knew that they were going to need instructors. So she went and took the instructors test, passed that and then reached out to a local college and ask them if they were going to be hiring instructors. And they said yes. So that was her first job as an instructor. She was a professor at a College of Eastern Utah in Price, Utah. That is where she found a love and a passion for teaching. 

29 years later, she is still at it. Almost eight years ago, she moved to southern Utah and had to rebuild her clientele. So she continued doing nails. And then she was able to have the opportunity to become an Educator for So Gel Nails here in southern Utah that has changed my career totally. She had to put her self out there, being out on social media and being able to travel around and teach other people, and that has been amazing. She always had this passion for teaching, So that's kind of what she loves to do. 

She does hold classes all around of the United States, and then she also has lots of online classes that she has loved and what an amazing thing to have the Internet to be able to teach people all around the world. It's been such an amazing career for her. If you follow her at all, you do know that she is a an administrator, along with some other gals on techtalk worldwide, Facebook Group. A community for licensed nail techs all around the world, and they do all kinds of tutorials, videos she has hosted with Amy Masters. they have done Vivify your Nail business. They have done JumpStart your nail business, (all online training's). They are doing a tour right now of a six certification class, which has been amazing. She was able to be a Nail Star on "Cruise with the Nail Stars" in 2018. She has been published in Multiple Nails magazines such as Nails magazine, NailsPro and Scratch magazine. So I hope that you being here, that she can help you in some small way to help you feel the support and that you can learn and grow and be inspired by being part of her tribe. 


Why Tribe?

Tribe to her means family. And what is a family? A family should be a support system. It should be a group of like minded people that have the same interest in likes and goals. And so she hopes that you find your tribe with her and she hopes you will be a part of her tribe and that together you can grow and you'll feel comfortable here. 

Tribe up and slay your day!



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