• 1003 Uptown Pink
  • 1003 Uptown Pink
  • Nail Tech Whitney Reed created this beautiful set using pigment #1003 with a little of the SO Simple white hard gel.
  • Nail Tech Whitney Reed from Mount Pleasant, UT used color pigment #1003 to create this bright and glittery set
  • Nail Tech Whitney Reed used this glow in the dark color pigment #1003
1003 Uptown Pink

1003 Uptown Pink

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SO Gel Nails neon fluorescent Uptown Pink powdered color pigment (#1003)

actually glows in the dark! This is a hot color for spring and summer. Try using

our Sparkle Striping Tapes and our new Sparkle Chevron Striping Tapes to

create eye-catching nail designs. One package contains 3 grams of cosmetic

grade powdered pigment. All SO Gel Nails powdered pigments are designed to

complement our organic nail gels.

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